Links & Resources for Further Reading

Mr. Money Mustache is where my interest in the FI/RE movement really piqued – when I found his blog it took me about a week to read every single post. I love his confrontational style and he’s not afraid to throw open his (financial) robe to show how he achieved early retirement. Plus his blog turned into a huge success. Some of his examples and theories maybe don’t translate 100% to life in The Emirates… but hey! That’s why I’m here right?

The Happiest Teacher – I came across this guy through his column in The National. He blogs about a few different aspects of his life but I really enjoy his Financial Independence stuff. He’s local to Dubai and Abu Dhabi so will be posting lots of relevant stuff. Judging by his portfolio posts, he’s a bit earlier in the process than DMG so I will watch his progress eagerly.

Dead Simple Saving – Does exactly what it says on the tin… simple saving and investment advice delivered in an upbeat style…