Dubai Money Guy Unmasked

Just a few weeks ago I mentioned here: The Financial Serenity Prayer – that I liked to read The National newspaper’s recurring ‘Money & Me’ column… and wonder how long it would take the big spenders featured to spend all their dirhams. Well, fast forward two weeks and who pops up in ‘Money and Me’? Just your friendly neighbourhood Dubai Money Guy. Along with some pictures of my staring thoughtfully into the distance… there’s a Q&A which hopefully tells the story of my financial journey in Dubai these last 13 odd years. You can read the article here.

I love the headline… I’ve made every money mistake you can!!!! It’s funny because it’s true. Despite that, I tried to make my answers practical and put some numbers behind the stories to make it relatable. If you’ve found your way here from The National… welcome. The blog is still very young and I hope to develop it over time to become a really helpful resource, whatever stage of the financial journey you are at. If you want an overview of my approach to reaching Financial Serenity, this is a really good place to start:

The 12 Steps To Financial Serenity

Otherwise you can follow the blog to receive an email whenever a new post goes up. You can also find Dubai Money Guy on my Facebook page and on Twitter by following the links on the homepage.

There are big changes afoot in the Dubai Money Household which should lead to some very interesting case studies in the coming months. I’d love to have as many of you along for the ride as possible. Feel free to comment or ask questions through the comments section or on Facebook. I’ll try to answer every question I receive.


Next blog: Back to the breakdown of the 12 steps… Steps 3 & 4.


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